Search Engine Marketing/Google Adwords(Pay Per Click Campaign)

Google has started its own advertising service for businesses looking to show their business ads in the search engine results to the viewers based on the queries typed. It is a paid marketing service. These ads normally appear on the top & bottom of the organic search results. It is otherwise known as PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign. At Danitha Digital, we provide you extensive PPC services and tell you why we are regarded as the best PPC/Adwords company by our clients.

Let us first know how Google Adwords works:

An Adword campaign starts with a query/keyword. You pick some keywords relevant to your business depending upon its search volume and competition for which you want to come on top of the adwords results whenever a user types in the particular keywords/queries. You probably won’t be the only one wanting to show your adverts to the customers. Your competitors can also be targeting the same keywords for their business ads. Then the bidding starts. You specify a bid amount on how much you pay Google if a user clicks your ad and create adverts based upon your keywords.

Google determines the ad’s position on the Google search results based on 2 factors:

Quality Score again depends upon how relevant your ad is to the customer based on mainly, CTR(Click Through Rate) and Landing Page relevancy. Even if you are low on budget, your ad can come up based on your quality score. The higher Quality Score of Ad, the better visibility on the front page (SERP) of google.

Why should you choose us for your Adwords Campaign:

Data Ace Info Solution totally focuses upon the success of your Adwords campaign and helps you get maximum profit through them. We use efficient techniques to choose the bidding keywords keeping in mind the highest customer reach at a low budget.

We even work upon your quality score. We make sure that your ad gets the maximum quality score possible by Google for the selected queries which then automatically can give you a good Ad position even at a minimum budget.

Summing up, Data Ace Info solution, the company with the best PPC services in Kolkata is having the right approach to get you maximum benefits from your Adwords campaign keeping your budget in control

Social Media Promotions(SMO/SMM)

The main purpose of social media promotions in digital marketing is to communicate with wider range of people in social media and to create a buzz about our products and services. Through social media we communicate with each other and share views and thoughts. This helps the companies use social media for growth of their business as a marketing medium.

Data Ace Info Solution is an extensive service provider for the best SMO services in Kolkata. We make sure that our Social Media Promotions proves advantageous to you and your business in terms of getting quality & natural backlinks for your site and helps build a social reputation for the business that lasts long. Social networking sites have proved to acquire maximum real time user engagement, which leads to enhancement in the business customer relationship and their interaction.

Social media promotions are done to increase traffic to the website by which we generate leads to our business. Promotions In social media helps us to reach most specific customers where the business conversion rate increases. Social media promotions is an important tool to come across many users, introduce and promote our products and services such that our business reach increases with in short period of time which cannot be achieved through traditional advertising methods. Social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp etc., allows us to communicate with users which develop our business to customer relationship, reaching billions of customers throughout the globe or to a targeted community. By connecting with people in various online venues, the reach of a business can be extended.

In social media promotions we approach strategically to target specific audience by location, interest, gender and age related to their business. In this promotion user can like, share and comment by which we can get feedback on our products. we can also notify them about our new service and product launch. To overcome cut throat competition we can run campaigns by posting videos, infographics, Images, links etc., which boost our business. Social media acts as mouth communication which increases user engagement to our business in large scale. Long term relationships can be increase between company and consumer through social media which support in business expanding and development.

We, Data Ace Info Solution provide you with the best SMO services in Kolkata by helping your business get necessary publicity and exposure to bolster your business identity to the next level in both organic & paid methods among different social media platforms.

OUR Social Media Optimization Activities:

We maintain these activities for every social platform we are working for on a regular basis, without fail. We approach strategically to target specific audience by location, interest, gender and age related to your business. Besides interactive content and images, we also post videos, info graphics, relevant links etc., which boosts your business and gets you ahead of the cut through competition. Such campaigns guarantee you a long term relationship between the company and consumer through social media expanding your business strategically.

Corporate Branding: Make your Brand Speak for You

Corporate branding is the practice of attaching a higher credibility to the brand name of a corporate entity by promoting it on different every digital media including mobile phones and social platforms. This technique of digital marketing establishes a brand identity for your products and services. This technique doesn’t just aim for the marketing purpose; it creates a brand awareness among your customers which ensures a long term relationship between the brand and the consumers.

Data Ace Info Solution has been offering the best corporate branding services in Hyderabad to all of the clients. We formulate innovative techniques into corporate branding that helps defining a business’s personality and customers can relate to that particular brand for a wide range of products over time. We incorporate effective corporate branding methods to give our brands a recognizable identity among the customers on which they can rely upon. This leads to a powerful word-of-mouth advertising and increased profits.

Corporate branding enhances the core of the company and its mission objectives. We are not confined to a restricted medium of advertising; we go far and wide to advertise your brand which allows customers to easily recognize and pick out your company among 1000s of your competitors.

And the biggest benefit of corporate branding: The prices for your services or products won’t any longer be questionable in the commoners’ view.

Let’s take an example to support this: Have you ever heard people questioning about why the price of every Apple Product is sky touching. NO. It is not because of the services or qualities they provide but because it’s APPLE! A luxurious brand presents a high-class image to justify the price listed.

We did it for US; we will do that for YOU!

EMail Marketing: The Affordable Way to Recognition

Email Marketing is a vital digital marketing technique which involves the targeting of your potential customers through email. In this kind of marketing, business owners send well-crafted commercial messages which can be service promotions, sales campaigns etc to a group of potential customers through mail and try to get maximum conversions through it.

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to the other forms of digital marketing which is why most digital marketing companies don’t incorporate this technique for marketing keeping in view their profit. But Data Ace Info Solution is among the few countable digital marketing companies which provides you the best email marketing services in Hyderabad.

It is a vital digital marketing tool being used to send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns and keep in touch with your contacts and customers. You can get the maximum leads through this method by adding a simple sign up form in your website and converting every website visitor to email subscribers. This technique guarantees a much higher conversion rate as you target only the ones who have shown an interest in your services.

Commercial emails involved in email marketing are easy to create and track. We design custom emails with eye catching logos, videos, content and images for your email campaign and make sure it reaches the customers’ inbox rather than spam or promotions. We target more than 1000 potential customers per day which automatically drives maximum marketing ROI(Return On Investment) for your business at the cost of traditional marketing. We keep track of your emails and analyze the click through rates and conversions for further improvements.

Let’s look at some highlighting benefits of Email Marketing:

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